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Printed Date: 26 May 2019 at 10:48am

Posted By: dgray
Subject: RASC GENERAL / BIRD Class
Date Posted: 16 January 2007 at 5:53pm
I'm reading Reg Cooleys wonderful book about the RASC, "The Unknown Fleet".  The boats that are of interest to me are the ten 57 ft "General" Class and the eighteen "Bird" Class launches.

Are there any survivors of the "General" Class (or Bird class)  and does anyone know the fate of the "Haig"  who took 900 men off the beaches at Dunkirk?     Thanks


Only a number, not even a name. How shall posterity hear of thy fame?

Posted By: Christian
Date Posted: 16 January 2007 at 11:27pm

RASC High Speed Target Towing Launch "Raglan" (ex Raglan) currently at Shoreham as a houseboat is a Generals Class (also see "Tempest", under TTLs topic).

RASC Range Clearance Launch "Regulus" (ex Hawk) which was on the Public Hard at Shoreham last October (as I mentioned in the discussion about the Balloch boat being a DWC) awaiting destruction has most likely gone by now, she was the very last Bird Class. Pathfinder may know more, he said he was going to pass that way and would check her out.

Posted By: meriwode
Date Posted: 24 April 2014 at 10:02pm
Hallo I  purchased  Raglan in last year and we have spent last 9 months 'stabilising what remains of the orginial ' structure  she was in a very poor state and required 3 pumps each tide to keep her afloat  but is now in much better sate  and she is now our  home but  we have complete all alterations so they can be fairly quickly removed should anyone in future wish to restore her .
I am trying to trace her history  (I have sent off for Reg Cooleys book  the unknown force)
but any information about the General class HSTTL and Raglan in particular  would be gratefully  received
I assumed that she was name after General Raglan associated  with The  charge of the life brigade 
many thanks

Posted By: johnk
Date Posted: 25 April 2014 at 12:58pm
Hi there,

Many thanks your most interesting post there on Raglan, great that you have taken on and saved this vessel, long and proud tradition of these vessels surviving as houseboats, great you have thought of possible future restoration perhaps, but that she now serves as your home, MTB 102 was some 40 years I believe as a houseboat before restoration as she is now. All the best,


Posted By: Christian
Date Posted: 29 April 2014 at 8:14pm
Hi Ian

Good luck with your project. These pictures were taken by my dad some time back;

This is what she would have looked like originally;

Posted By: johnk
Date Posted: 30 April 2014 at 1:28pm
Hi Christian,

Many thanks, fine looking vessel, forward "slope" a bit odd looking perhaps! caught episode of programme on Gib, sure you might have heard of it, clearly trying to make drama at times of nothing, but plenty of shots of the harbour and marina....all the best,


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